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Client: WALDER WYSS Attorneys at Law, CH
Provided Service: Market positioning, marketing and communication strategy
Clients Quote provided by: Managing Partner Dr. Didier Sangiorgio

“Law Business has supported us in sharpening our market positioning. In a workshop the market positioning of law firms within the Swiss legal market was analyzed.

Based on this analysis, we were able to define our positioning in the market more precisely so that we could address the right target groups with our services and our external communication. The analyses was carried out in the workshop.

Mr. Gendlin was responsible for the planning and conducting of this workshop. The workshop was very goal oriented and the work results were valuable for the further development of our marketing strategy and communications. Mr. Gendlin was a competent moderator and adviser and one could see quickly that he knows the legal industry very well.“


WALDER WYSS is one of the top 5 law firms in Switzerland with approximately 100 lawyers and tax experts and is ranked first in M&A Switzerland by MergerMarket in 2013.

Client: BRANDL & TALOS Attorneys at Law, AT
Provided Service: Sales, Law Firm Strategy & Positioning
Clients Quotes provided by: Equity Partner Dr. Thomas Talos

“Law Business has supported us with the revision of our firm´s strategy. During this process Law Business helped us to articulate the individual goals of each partner and to create a strategy which all partners could agree on.
Upon completion of the strategy process we have then employed Law Business to develop an operative plan for our Sales and Business Development measures. Here Law Business delivered an extensive and detailed package of measures. These measures allow us to raise our existing Sales and Business Development processes onto an even more professional level and also implement new important Sales and Business Development tools and activities.”


BRANDL & TALOS are one of Austria´s leading law firm in the legal fields of Capital Market, M&A, Banking & Finance and others.

Provided Service: Support for Staffing
Clients Quotes provided by: Managing Partner Dr. Friedrich Jergitsch

„Law Business has provided us with valuable consulting regarding the new orientation and definition of the job profile of our business development / marketing department head. Mr. Gendlin was responsible for providing the know how – he knows the material very well, and was able to demonstrate that impressively to our equity partners.“ 

FRESHFIELDS BRUCKHAUS DERINGER is one of the leading law firms worldwide.

Client: DORDA Attorneys at Law, AT
Provided Service: Sales improvement
Customers Quote provided by: Equity Partner Elmar Drabek

“Mr. Gendlin has supported me in structured customer acquisition (search for potential mandates, creating and sending pitches). Here, the process of identifying and contacting new sales target was reorganised and implemented. This provided us with an ongoing and much more effective sales process.

I can very much recommend the expertise of Mr. Gendlin in this area. Any law firm which likes to get more out of their own sales efforts and would like to increase their sales results can significantly benefit from Mr. Gendlin.“


DORDA is one of the top four law firms in Austria with over 100 lawyers.

Provided Service: Support for Rankings, Improvement of Ranking Position
Clients Quotes provided by: Managing Partner Dr. Tim Meyer-Dulheuer

“Law Business successfully enabled our law firm to be included in the WTR 1000 Ranking (World Trademark Review) for the first time. Law Business performed all ranking work for us (creating all texts in English and German, suggesting which matters to use, preparing the client referees).

During the process the Law Business team motivated us with courtesy but persistence to deliver feedback in a timely manner and proved to be an efficient motor for work flow.

I can recommend Law Business here without reservations. The team knows the subject matter and the market very well and is superbly networked with the rankings.“


Dr. Meyer-Dulheuer & Partner is a well-known patent law firm in Frankfurt on the Main with 10 lawyers.

Client Quote: DORDA Attorneys at Law, AT
Provided Service: Support for Rankings, Improvement of Ranking Position
Clients Quotes provided by: Equity Partner Dr. Paul Doralt

“Law Business has been consulting us for over two years in the areas of Business Development and Marketing – especially during our work with Directories & Rankings. We were very satisfied with the performance of Law Business and were able to improve our ranking during that time. Mr. Gendlin knows the legal industry extremely well and has a very good standing with the ranking publications. I can definitely recommend Law Business.“


DORDA is one of the top four law firms in Austria with over 100 lawyers.

Provided Service: Support for Rankings, Improvement of Ranking Position
Clients Quotes provided by Law Firm Owner Bettina Hörtner:

“Law Business assisted my law firm in its work with rankings. As an individual lawyer with a special combination of legal and business services due to my previous activities, it was of great help to me to be able to draw on the extensive know how of Law Business during the ranking process and to mostly outsource the work related to rankings. The support was very competent and completely customized to my needs. Here, you do not purchase a “one-size-fits-all” standard consultation – Law Business tailored their services as well as the work procedures individually to my requirements and consultation services as a boutique law firm. This is illustrated by the result of our work as well: I am now, even as a “mere” individual lawyer with a niche business model, ranked by Chambers for the first time – and that was just my first attempt to be included in the rankings. Therefore, I can highly recommend Law Business to all individual lawyers as well.“


Dr. Bettina Hörtner is an expert in the finance field as well as a former head of onsite inspections at the Austrian Securities Supervisory Authority.

Client: MAIER-LAW Attorneys at Law, AT
Provided Service: Media & Press
Clients Quotes provided by: Managing Partner Wolfgang Maier

“The strength of Law Business is the tailor-made support, which has resulted in a considerable attention in various print media for my firm. Usually lawyers have not the necessary PR contacts to present their achievements in a timely manner to the public. Often there are no time or resources for marketing issues. Law Business focused on the interesting facts from my practice and communicated to the appropriate media.“


MAIER-LAW ( is a 4 partner law firm in Vienna focusing on media law, litigation, family law and corporate law.

Client: SCHÖNHERR Attorneys at Law, AT
Provided Service: Support for Cost Optimization
Clients Quotes provided by: CFO Dr. Georg Tichy

“All purchased goods and services have been systematically studied for cost reduction potentials. This has led to entirely new insights of all participants and allowed the use of additional synergies in the Group-wide procurement (project leader was Günther Jauck).“


SCHÖNHERR is one of the leading law firms in Europe with offices in 14 countries.

11th M&A INTERNATIONAL LAWYERS CONFERENCE – Lecture on the topic: “The lawyer as an entrepreneur: Structured selection and approach of potential new clients”
Further information
Quotes of attending lawyers about the lecture given by Law Business MD Alexander Gendlin

„Great presentation! It put me into some thoughts about my business practice and the approach of the clients.“

Madia ILIOPOULOU, Avocat à la Cour, PDGB Société d’Avocats

„The presentation was witty and it was very helpful to raise awareness of lawyers as businessmen.“

Xufeng (Jess) Jia, Senior Legal Counsel at Podravka d.d.

„It was a pleasure meeting you in Prague and listening to your lecture, which I found really interesting and inspiring in terms how we can think further client approach.“

Simon Ügyvédi Iroda, Simon’s Law Office


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